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Meet the Team

Ben Esplin


Prior to founding Esplin & Associates, Ben was a partner at two different AMLAW 100 firms. Over the course of his career, Ben has had exposure to patent litigation, patent portfolio sales, and patent licensing. However, over time he has focused his efforts on patent portfolio strategy and patent application preparation and prosecution. Ben values clear communication in any complex undertaking and building or enhancing a patent portfolio is certainly an example of this principle. As a result, Ben strives to communicate clearly with business leadership, in-house counsel, and inventors to make sure that all stakeholders in a patent application and/or portfolio are aligned.


Principal Attorney

Otto specializes in intellectual property law matters including preparation and prosecution of U.S. and foreign patent applications, and patent portfolio management.
Areas of IP expertise include online communities, massive online gaming environments, data streaming, cloud-based services, encryption, user interfaces, blockchain technology, image recognition and processing, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, electronic design automation, processor architecture, online video distribution, audio processing, wireless networking, integrated circuits, and network security.
Otto’s engineering background includes ASIC design and verification with 10 years of experience in embedded processors, chip design, and systems-on-chip.  He’s a first-named inventor on six issued U.S. patents.


Principal Attorney

Dan Cho focuses his practice on patent prosecution, acquisition, and management in a variety of technical areas, including imaging technology, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, computer hardware and software, consumer electronic devices, drilling technology, emergency systems, entertainment systems, graphical user interfaces, medical devices, networking devices, power devices, and semiconductor fabrication.


Principal Attorney

Morgan has worked in the patent field for over 10 years.  His experience has allowed him to garner exceptional skill and knowledge to perform effectively and efficiently within all aspects of preparing and prosecuting patent applications.  He enjoys working with clients to discuss their ideas, turning those ideas into robust and accurate patent applications, and advocating for the client before the U.S. Patent Office to ultimately obtain issued U.S. Patents.

Morgan’s areas of technical focus include mechanical devices and software applications.  Morgan has experience working with mechanical devices of all complexity, including those in the medical and dental fields.  Morgan has worked on a broad range of subject matter in the area of software including, among others, augmented reality and virtual reality systems, video games, social networks, virtual worlds, information processing systems using artificial intelligence and/or distributed ledger technology, UI/UX, online collaboration environments, and control systems in various applications.


Patent Agent

Victoria’s practice includes patent drafting and patent prosecution with a technical focus in computer software, mechanical devices, video games, virtual worlds, virtual and augmented reality, among others.

Previously, Victoria studied Computer Science at San DiegoState University with coursework in computer programming, computer architecture, and mathematics.  She joined the National Society of Collegiate Scholars in 2014.

Prior to joining Esplin & Associates,Victoria worked as an IP Technical Specialist at a Global 100 Firm.


Patent Agent

Mila is a graduate of UCSD with a degree in Political Science-Public Law and a minor in Computer Science Engineering. Mila’s field of study sparked her interest in the growth and development of technology and led her to pursue a career in patent prosecution. Mila’s practice focuses on computer software, blockchain technology, and mechanical devices. Starting Fall of 2022 Mila will be attending University of San Diego School of Law to pursue her J.D..


Technical Specialist

Katherine is a 2nd year student at UC San Diego majoring in Computer Engineering. She is interested in patent prosecution due to her combined appreciation for law and innovation in technology. After graduation, she hopes to attend law school and continue in the field of IP law.


Director of Operations

Victoria Spratt is the Practice Manager and founding member of Esplin & Associates. She oversees the daily operations of the firm, team management, vendor liaison, and assists in patent preparation and prosecution.  Victoria also oversees the Undergraduate Internship Program at Esplin & Associates.  Victoria holds professional certificates in Paralegal Studies and Intellectual Property from UC San Diego and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marine Science from the University of San Diego.


Patent Prosecution Manager/Paralegal

Chelsea Pearsall is a Patent Paralegal and founding member of the firm.  She assists in the management of domestic and international patent prosecution, including document preparation, electronic filing with theU.S. Patent and Trademark Office, IDS management, docketing services, administrative functions and client support.  Chelsea has over 10 years of experience in Intellectual Property.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from San Francisco State University as well as professional certificates in both Paralegal Studies and Project Management from UC San Diego.



Leah is a graduate of the USD School of Law Paralegal Program, where was first introduced to the area of Intellectual Property. That interest led her to secure an internship position at Esplin &apmp; Associates leading to her position as Paralegal. She also has a BA in Organizational Management from Point Loma Nazarene University.


IP Assistant

Amy graduated from the USD School of Law Paralegal Program. She began at Esplin & Associates as an intern. She became interested in law and intellectual property while earning a business degree from San Diego State University.

Intern Program

Our internship program is designed to prepare interns for careers in intellectual property and will provide training and experience that will enable them to work immediately following graduation as patent agents. Below are the company assets that are currently interning for us. If you have what it takes to be part of our team, click the button below to learn more about the program.


Senior Intern

Sophie is a 2nd year student at the University of British Columbia majoring in Chemistry. She is currently applying to the business school at UBC with hopes of majoring in marketing or business development and minoring in chemistry. After graduation, Sophie plans to work in product development in the life sciences field.



Grace is a 3rd year student at UC San Diego, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Law & Society. Her pre-law career path led her to become an intern, as she explores different fields of law. Through this internship, Grace hopes to gain experience in the legal environment by assisting with legal administration and clerical tasks. She looks forward to learning how a firm operates while also practicing her networking skills with experienced attorneys. Grace is preparing to attend law school right after she graduates in 2024.



Calvin is a 4th year student at UC San Diego, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Human Rights & Migration. As someone set on pursuing a career in the legal field, he joined Esplin & Associates in the hopes of gaining hands-on experience working with attorneys and legal professionals. Calvin is currently applying to law school for enrollment in the fall of 2023.



Sejal is a third year student at UC Berkeley majoring in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Public Policy. Her future goal to combine her technical background and policy skills with a career in IP Law led her to become an intern. Through this internship, Sejal hopes to gain strong mentorship from leaders in the field, learn how a law firm operates, and gain hands on experience. Sejal plans on attending law school post graduation.



Daniel is a senior year at UC San Diego, majoring in Molecular Synthesis with a minor in Law & Society. He is seeking to combine his passion for Organic Chemistry with the legal field. During his time at Esplin & Associates he hopes to a deeper understanding of the patent process from beginning to end. Daniel is currently applying to law schools with strong Intellectual Property programs for enrollment in Fall 2023.



Nicholas Dean is a third-year student at UCLA studying Electrical Engineering. As an intern, he hopes to gain exposure to the patenting process and learn from experienced attorneys about the legal profession. He is seeking a career in patent law, and intends to leverage his field of study and internship experience with Esplin & Associates in pursuit of that end. Nicholas Dean plans on attending law school following the conclusion of his studies at UCLA.



Michael is a second year student at UC Irvine majoring in Aerospace Engineering. During his freshman year, he became interested in the field of intellectual property law which led him to pursue an internship at Esplin & Associates. He is looking forward to learning about the profession and gaining hands on experience. After graduation, Michael intends to work in the field of patent prosecution.